Operational Obstetrics & Gynecology

IUD Insertion and Removal

These videos demonstrate how to insert and intrauterine device (IUD) and how to remove it.

The free, short versions were produced by the US Navy as training for medical personnel in isolated settings. They were included on the Operational Obstetrics & Gynecology CD.They may be freely downloaded.
IUD Removal  Video Runtime 0:38
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IUD Insertion  Video Runtime 1:43
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IUD Insertion

"Using sterile technique the IUD is loaded into the inserter."

"Examine the patient."

"Note the size and orientation of the uterus and cervix."

"Insert a vaginal speculum and visualize the cervix."

"Apply antiseptic solution and stabilize the cervix with a tenaculum."

"On this model, watch the IUD being inserted and then released."

"The IUD goes back to it's original shape."

"On this plastic model, stabilizing the cervix is unnecessary."

"On an actual patient, a tenaculum would be needed to hold the cervix steady and straighten the cervical canal."

"This IUD has just been placed. The strings should not be left this long."

"Trim the string with scissors, leaving about three cm in length showing through the cervix."

IUD Removal

"Identify the IUD strings coming throughthe cervix."

"Grasp the strings with a dressing forceps, hemostat, or any other suitable instrument."

"Pull the IUD strings straight out. The IUD will follow."

"The IUD is flexible and will collapse as you pull it through the cervical canal."



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