U.S. Navy Diving Manual

Volume I Diving Principles and Policies

1 History of Diving

2 Underwater Physics

3 Underwater Physiology

4 Dive Systems

5 Dive Program Administration

Appendix 1A Safe Diving Distances from Transmitting Sonar

Appendix 1B References

Appendix 1C Telephone Numbers

Appendix 1D List of Acronyms

Volume II Air Diving Operations

6 Operational Planning

7 Scuba Air Diving Operations

8 Surface-Supplied Air Diving Operations

9 Air Decompression

10 Nitrogen-Oxygen Diving Operations

11 Ice and Cold Water Diving Operations

Volume III Mixed-Gas Surface-Supplied Diving Operations

12 Mixed-Gas Diving Theory

13 Mixed-Gas Operational Planning

14 Surface-Supplied Mixed-Gas Diving Procedures

15 Saturation Diving

16 Breathing Gas Mixing Procedures

Volume IV Closed Circuit and Semi-Closed Circuit Diving Operations

17 Closed-Circuit Mixed-Gas UBA Diving

18 Closed-Circuit Oxygen UBA Diving

Volume V Diving Medicine and Recompression Chamber Operations

19 Diving Disorders Not Requiring Recompression Therapy
20 Diving Disorders Requiring Recompression Therapy
21 Recompression Therapy
22 Recompression Chamber Operation

Appendix 5A Neurological Examination
Appendix 5B First Aid
Appendix 5C Dangerous Marine Animals


Table of Contents


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