Operational Medicine Medical Education and Training

FMST Student Manual - 2008 Web Edition*


FMST 1104 Traits and Principles of Marine Corps Leadership
FMST 1101 Rank Structure of Armed Forces Personnel
FMST 1304 Ethical Consideration for the Hospital Corpsman
FMST 1105 USMC Utility Uniform and Individual Combat Equipment
FMST 1403 Manage Environmental Heat Injuries
FMST 1411 Manage Dehydration Casualties
FMST 1604 Perform Care of the Feet
FMST 1404 Manage Environmental Cold Injuries
FMST 1102 USMC Organizational Structure/Chain of Command
FMST 1000 Block 1 Review Questions
  Block 2 Introduction
FMST 1410 Manage Hemorrhage
FMST 1409 Manage Respiratory Trauma
FMST 1418 Perform Emergency Cricothyroidotomy
FMST 1419 Perform Needle Thoracentesis
FMST 1416 Combat Fluid Resuscitation
FMST 1401 Manage Shock Casualties
FMST 1406 Manage Head, Neck and Face Injuries
FMST 1408 Manage Abdominal Injuries
FMST 1407 Manage Musculoskeletal Injuries
FMST 1402 Manage Burn Casualties
FMST 1420 Perform Casualty Assessment
  Casualty Assessment Checklist for Students
  Medication Appendix: Medications Used During Tactical Combat Casualty Care
FMST 2000 Block 2 Review Questions
FMST 1221 M40 Field Protective Mask
FMST 1223 Don Mission-Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) Gear
FMST 1412 Manage Chemical Agent Casualties
FMST 1413 Manage Biological Agent Casualties
FMST 1414 Manage Radiological Warfare Casualties
FMST 3000 Block 3 Review Questions
FMST 1303 Medical Support for Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
FMST 1424 Blast Related Injuries
FMST 1415 Recognize Combat Stress Disorders
FMST 1421 Conduct Casualty Triage
FMST 1501 Perform Aid Station Procedures
FMST 1602 Perform Water Purification for Individual Use
FMST 1603 Supervise Field Waste Disposal
FMST 1405 Manage Envenomation Injuries
FMST 1423 Coordinate Casualty Evacuation
FMST 4000 Block 4 Review Questions
FMST 1213 Field Communications
FMST 1206 Improvised Explosive Devices
FMST 1211 Land Navigation
FMST 1208 Construct a Fighting Position
FMST 1210 Defensive Operations
FMST 1209 Squad Size Attacks
FMST 1201 Patrolling
FMST 1214 Five Paragraph Order
FMST 1219 M16/ M4 Service Rifle Familiarization
FMST 5000 Block 5 Review Questions


*The FMST Student Manual was produced by the Field Medical Training Battalion-East, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. This 2008 web edition has been enhanced by the Brookside Associates, Ltd., preserving all of the original text material, while augmenting, modifying, eliminating or replacing some of the graphics to comply with privacy and copyright laws, and to enhance the training value. These enhancements are marked with a red box  and are C. 2008, with all rights reserved.

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