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Hospital Corpsman



Non-Resident Training Course

In completing this nonresident training course, you will demonstrate a knowledge of the subject matter by correctly answering questions on the following subjects: anatomy and physiology; fundamentals of patient care; first aid equipment, supplies, rescue, and transportation; emergency medical care procedures; poisoning, drug abuse, and hazardous material exposure; pharmacy and toxicology; clinical laboratory; medical aspects of chemical, biological, and radiological warfare; diet and nutrition; emergency dental care; preventive medicine; physical examinations; health records; supply; administration; healthcare administration; and decedent affairs.


Length: 584 Pages

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Anyone may take this course. However, to receive credit, you must be officially enrolled in the course with the Nonresident Training Course Administration Branch at the Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC). Enrollment is normally limited to Department of Defense personnel. Others may apply for enrollment, but acceptance is not guaranteed.

Abdominal wound

Hospital Corpsman

Distance Learning Course
1005 Pages
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1 Anatomy and Physiology

2 Fundamentals of Patient Care

3 First Aid Equipment, Supplies, Rescue, and Transportation

4 Emergency Medical Care Procedures

5 Poisoning, Drug Abuse, and Hazardous Material Exposure

6 Pharmacy and Toxicology

7 Clinical Laboratory

8 Medical Aspects of Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Warfare

9 Diet and Nutrition

10 Emergency Dental Care/Preventive Medicine

11 Physical Examinations

12 Health Records

13 Supply

14 Administration

15 Healthcare Administration

16 Decedent Affairs Program


I History of the Hospital Corps, United States Navy

II Commonly Used Abbreviations

III Prefixes and Suffixes Used in Medical Terminology

IV Common Pharmaceuticals

V Glossary

VI Trademarks

VII References



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